Friday, September 13, 2013

New York Fashion Week

Wow! I haven't blogged in months. I apologize to my readers, very unacceptable! I've been working very hard this past summer. One of my main goals this year was to go to New York Fashion Week and showcase my work (Networking). It really was hectic for me and it took a lot of hard work. I've also started building up my portfolio in Styling. I get to New York for the first time, AMAZING!!! I didn't want to go back to Houston lol. It was totally a different scene in a good way of course. Mind you, I missed my flight but I waited for the next flight to NYC that same day. I thought I wouldn't make it and started getting discouraged. However, with God on my side, things turned out GREAT! I met so many dope people, Stylist(s), Designers, Photographers, e.t.c I couldn't be more happy and grateful. I attended three different Fashion Shows. Kinda wished I went to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show but my stay wasn't long enough. Maybe next time! Anyway, Let me start posting pictures lol 
One of the first Fashion shows I attended called Fashion Couture. I'm also selling this dress which was designed by someone in China. If you are interested, please contact me.
Of course, My friend came to support and she looked Amazing! :)
Amazing Designs! I had the chance to meet and talk with both designers and the fact that they loved my work, I was on cloud9. Lol
Designed by Danny Nguyen from Houston, Tx!
The one below is designed by Helen Bender from Germany. I couldn't capture all her pieces except this. However, I made a video on instagram which you can go check out. She specializes in Lesbian Bridal Pieces. 
The Second fashion show I attended was by Monsieur Belange, A Nigerian designer. His pieces were Unique and Sexy. The male Models were......OMG!!! Gorgeous. Lol Wish I took pictures. I'm sorry, I was so captivated by their looks. Lol Thirst Alert!
The Amazing Designer! Check him out on instagram: @BrandonBelange
I also met @Owusbrown . My new friend lol, Follow him on instagram and he is also a stylist.  I got more invitations to fashion shows in a different State but school wouldn't let me :(
 I can't even begin to explain how happy I am to have met these people and more. I'm truly blessed to have gotten support from my friends and most especially my FAMILY to encourage me to pursue my dreams.
For more pictures follow me on IG: @thececenetwork
P.S: Don't EVER let someone else's criticism or lack of faith in your abilities stop you from pursuing a dream. Have faith and believe in yourself.


  1. You and your friend both look amazing!! sooo beautiful xx

  2. You look amazing!
    Hope to be at NYFW soon x

  3. You and your friend look fab,thumbs up girl.the best is yet to come your way!

  4. I'm very happy for you and how you've grown! you have no idea :)... keep up the hard work and nothing but the best awaits you btw great pictures; looks like you had an amazing time and that white and gold embellished outfit is gawjussss

  5. That runway show looks amazing ! All that detailing on the gowns. I miss seeing wearable fashion on the runways ;)

  6. Your top is everything! I love your friends Sequins blazer! I was there too! I hope you can watch my video footage on

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  7. Love that high bun and red lip girl :)

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  11. nice dress love the details !!

  12. Love your hair. amazing style.

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