Monday, May 27, 2013

Birds Of Paradise

Hey Love Birds!!! Just know whenever I take a while to post, I'm cooking up something DOPE for you guys :) so please be patient with me. Today, I had enough free time to shoot and it went Great! I love my Birds Of Paradise Givenchy tee as seen on Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Tyga and some other famous artist. I just had to have it. I paired it up with some High Waisted Shorts from Urban Outfitters, Some Gladiator heels which I LOVE. Omg! It takes forever to put on though, that's the worst part but you just need a little patience lol and the clutch from Forever21.
Goofy as usual. Lol The weather in Houston is so hotttt! I do NOT deserve this at all.
This Pose wasn't planned for. Lol Dope Minds Think Alike ;) but I look mean. A nice man decided to take a pic of me and my Friend/Photographer. Hope Everyone enjoyed this post?! I'm preparing for summer school. Its going to be sooo busy this summer. Anyway Happy Memorial Day!
P.S The Winners for my last giveaway are Solarride and Or-more Moje. You can check out her blog on


  1. Well, you already know i'll be the first to comment!!!

    My Gorgeous Ombre hair looking sista!!

    1. Onyeka Okoro is that you? it is your cous Buchi Oganwu

    2. Yes O stop hiding madam your siblings are on social media i have contact with them apart from u!!! miss ya and hope your well!! keep in touch ok!!!

      Buchi Oganwu

    3. Lol... I am not hiding...I am just in my own world...Lol. My email is

      Let's catch up!!!:)

  2. Yayy!! Finally won something. I'm so looking forward to receiving the gift. Thank you
    Those shoes though...hawt. Your nails? Great minds do think alike ---- have the same nails in pink ;)
    Thank again!

  3. Dope,love da glad heels♥

  4. Shoes tee nails and hair ��������

  5. YES! Everything about this outfit is just YESSSS!! You are killing me girl, you are too much!!!

  6. outfit is on point! love the whole look...just remembered we wear the same size so i'm coming for those shoes lol