Sunday, January 27, 2013

Its your Birthday, You in First Place

*Le Sigh* How do I start? So yes, today is my birthday and I'm actually pretty excited. Well, now I am excited. This is how my day went about yesterday (Saturday)....Nail Spa first off to get a pedicure, So yay! i'm excited, Nails done. Next, Yikes! I got a hair appointment and I couldn't make it which wasn't my fault at all. I'm not gonna go into details based on that but anyway I'm I excited about my birthday dinner anymore? Nope!...Why? Because I couldn't get my hair done. Its almost close to my birthday dinner, i'm upset, sad, angry lol yes! it was that bad or maybe i'm just bipolar lol. Now, time to get dolled up. Fun, right? At least that would make me kinda sorta happy but guess what? While getting dolled up, my foundation left a stain on my dress. Great!!! Could my day get any better than this :) so I'm crying and sooo upset lol. I had to curl my hair myself and ended up not liking it which made matters worse but i'm glad i have an amazing brother and FRIENDS to cheer me up and tell me how beautiful I am :) Anyway enough of my story. I ended up having fun with friends. I didn't do the typical going to the club and popping bottles. Been there, done so enjoy this post everyone :)
Polka dots and spiked shoes? Oh yes! 
The name of the restaurant is "Up Restaurant" located in Houston, TX. It's very beautiful and classy. I had a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, smiles, everything! Guess it didn't turn out bad at all. I'm definitely blessed for being able to see this day, thanks to the MAN above. I appreciate all my friends and family and I also hope I didn't post way too much pictures lol. This is nothing compared to how much pictures were taken. Well, today which is my actual birthday, i'm not doing much but going on a nice date lol :)
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Polka Dots

I really am sorry for not posting. I know, it's been forever and school just started so I'm trying to adjust. Today, I had a lot of time and decided to make a post for you guys :) Anyway, I've always loved Polka dots, stripes, anything STUDDED and SPIKED, etc which would be seen in my future posts. 

About this sweater shirt dress, Well its more of a shirt dress on me because i'm pretty tall (5'8) without heels.  This vintage dress was formerly owned by my beautiful sister (found on ebay) which is NOW mine lol, still brand new and never worn. She wanted to sell this dress but I grabbed it real quick lol. Today, I decided to wear it. 

And I always do something off guard or silly, it actually turns out nice which is kinda weird lol. The weather in Houston is bipolar as usual. You never know when you have to pull out your fur vest/coat, sweater, jacket etc and then all of a sudden its hot again smh. It was a bit chilly this evening though! Hope you liked this post?! I'll TRY my best to post as often as possible. Oh yea, this season is for my fellow Aquarius people. My birthday is on the 27th of January (4 days left). I'm I excited? *Sigh* Maybe, Maybe Not.....

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yes, I definitely said i'll feature people on my very first post, well that's the purpose of this blog. Not only showcasing my personal style but also the distinct style of others. Jamie, also called "La Snoot", known for her signature red hair and unique style is a Fashion stylist as well as an upcoming fashion designer who resides in Houston, Tx.

The beautiful Aquarian's inspiration comes from anything, from an old movie to a piece of art. She is in the process of building up her website and has teamed up with a great photographer (Adrienne Raquel), a few other business owners and also high end boutiques. Stay tuned for her website which will showcase her styling and in the near future lead to a Women's Clothing Line. Good luck in all your future endeavors Jamie and I wish you success.
Two words for these designs, DOPE and Authentic. You should DEFINITELY look out for her in the fashion world. IG: LaSnoot and also tumblr :  Stay tuned for more post ;)