Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Let me tell yall....Houston weather is Bipolar LOL from hot to warm to cold and we're in December for crying out loud smh. Anyway, this is one of the stores I thrift at in houston, they got pretty dope stuff too.

I recently got this Huge Lip clutch and its one of my favorites for now....My bun is inspired by Beth ditto and I plan on keeping my hair like this till next year

Lipstick by Givenchy. It's really orange though! but it looks like a peachy pink thanks to my flash :/  Clothes and accessories thrifted. Shoes? I think I got it on ebay but you can also get it at, etc its pretty common. Finals is next week so I decided to make this quick post, I definitely wont be free as of next week.  Well....Goodluck to everyone in school this semester preparing for finals :)